About Factor

FACTOR delivers essential expertise to our clients enabling them to better manage the risks inherent in their operations. We apply advanced methodologies, technology, and data analysis to support risk-based decision-making and create a competitive advantage for our clients.


FACTOR has been solving challenging risk management problems in the transportation, energy, chemical, insurance, and public sectors since 1997.

Our Team

  • For tackling complex technical challenges, we have a well-rounded and experienced team of consultants, subject matter experts, and technology development staff.
  • Our staff brings certifications in project management (PMP), GIS (GISP), cybersecurity (CISSP), hazmat management (CHMM), database administration, and solution development.
  • We have a senior team of seasoned desktop application, web, and data developers.
  • FACTOR’s leadership team is focused on continuing our exceptional record of exceeding customer expectations, providing a challenging and rewarding work environment, and driving company growth.

The Factor Difference

Our Technology

  • GIS underpins much of the work that we do. Our engineers and consultants work with industry-leading Esri software such as ArcGIS (client, server, and embedded in custom applications). We also frequently leverage interactive mapping technologies, such as Leaflet, in concert with SQL spatial databases in our custom web maps and applications.
  • To meet our clients’ complex needs, we regularly develop custom software solutions that combine modern components, cloud architecture, and advanced security.


FACTOR is committed to protecting our clients’ sensitive data and undergoes rigorous information security audits at least annually to ensure our controls are operating effectively. FACTOR has achieved SOC 2® compliance with the AICPA’s Trust Services Principles for Security.

Federal Contracts

Federal clients can access FACTOR through our GSA and FAA contracts. Click below for more information.