Transportation is essential for the movement of people and goods and FACTOR helps identify and manage inherent supply chain risks.


Chemicals are transported every day by pipeline, truck, train, ship, barge, or plane. Many chemicals have hazardous properties and require special precautions to be taken to prevent accidents during manufacture, handling, or transportation.

We help chemical industry clients identify and manage the risk associated with the movement of chemicals and hazardous materials across the supply chain. We provide chemical safety and compliance consulting services to both commercial and public entities. We frequently provide expert advice on regulatory compliance and transportation risk and conduct GIS-based network analysis to better understand and optimize route efficiency and reduce risk. We also routinely provide advice on Responsible Care® implementation and can support the development of safety programs, security plans, and emergency response plans. 


The movement of goods is an essential component of modern society. With the rise of e-commerce and door-to-door shipping, the freight transportation landscape has changed significantly. The current supply chain crisis also illustrates just how vulnerable the economy is to transportation bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

We help freight industry clients identify and develop innovative solutions to enhance operations. Our varied solutions range from the development of methods and technologies to ensure the safe movement of dangerous cargo to developing innovative systems that foster improved situational awareness of potential security threats. We also routinely conduct commodity flow analyses, infrastructure and response analyses, and special transportation studies for both public agencies and private entities.  


Energy providers have many regulatory and corporate requirements to ensure the safety of their communities. Plant operators understand the importance of planning for emergency situations and ensuring that their emergency operations facilities leverage the latest data and technology.

We help energy industry clients with emergency response and operational planning to ensure that high levels of safety are maintained. Our team has experience with radioactive materials, LNG, Crude Oil, and many other energy products. We routinely provide GIS-based support for risk assessments and emergency operations including emergency notifications, evacuations, training, and exercises. 

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