FACTOR provides advanced safety and security risk management services to the North American rail industry.


Many chemicals, including oil & gas, are transported by rail every day. These products are vital for the economy, and they do have hazardous properties that require precautions to be taken during transportation including specialized tanks and packaging, alternative routing, emergency plans, and contingency plans.

We often help rail industry clients assess risk and identify alternatives to reduce risk when hazardous chemicals are transported. We have experience conducting transportation risk assessments to determine potential population, environmental, and infrastructure exposure during transportation if an incident and release were to occur. We also have experience integrating regulatory compliance, risk assessment, and emergency response planning into operational decisionmaking using a variety of innovative solutions.  

Safety & Security 

Rail safety & security are essential for operational profitability and reputation, public health and accessibility, and community economic health and resiliency. Chemical and freight volumes (e.g., per car, per unit train) are greater than other surface modes of transportation, and, as such, incidents can be more severe.

We help rail industry clients improve safety and security in transportation by providing specialized services that enhance situational awareness. We track security risks across North America and provide accessible and actionable reporting services to the railroads. We also provide GIS-based web services for enhanced communication and visualization of safety & security risks.  


An important aspect of rail safety & security is regulatory compliance. State and Federal agencies often mandate new requirements for safety, security, or environmental protection purposes to protect the community in and around rail transportation.

We help rail industry clients comply with the regulations by providing advanced, GIS-based, data analytics and information management support. With our expertise, we routinely help rail industry clients comply with complex Federal safety & security planning, routing, and analysis requirements (49 CFR 172.800 – Safety and Security Plans), oil spill response plan (OSRP) requirements for high-hazard flammable trains (49 CFR Par 130 – Oil Spill Prevention and Response Plans), special permit and approval applications (49 CFR 107 Subpart B – Special Permits and Subpart H – Approvals, Registrations and Submissions), and many other regulatory and industry requirements. 

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