FACTOR helps identify and manage risks associated with the movement of chemicals and hazardous materials across the supply chain.

Safety and Security 

Chemicals are essential to the economy. They are used to produce energy (e.g., oil and gas) and many everyday products (e.g., electronics, plastic). Many chemicals have hazardous properties and require special precautions to be taken to prevent accidents during manufacture, handling, or transportation.

We help our chemical industry clients achieve their operational goals by providing expert advice on safety, security, and compliance management systems, including Responsible Care®. We help clients develop programs that focus on the prevention of accidents and advise them on regulatory compliance and industry best practices. We also can help develop chemical safety and security training programs. 


Many chemicals are transported to production or processing facilities or directly to end users. There are many chemical transportation options including pipeline, truck, train, ship, barge, or plane. The method and mode(s) of chemical transportation are selected to optimize efficiency, minimize cost, and minimize risk.

We help our chemical industry clients make transportation decisions by providing expert advice on hazardous materials transportation safety, security, and regulatory compliance. We have experience conducting comprehensive transportation risk assessments for all modes of transportation using an array of different qualitative to quantitative approaches. We specialize in conducting transportation route risk assessments to assist with the selection of alternatives, routes, modes, and suppliers. We also can develop custom IT solutions to help clients perform these analyses on their own. 

Emergency Preparedness  

Unfortunately, chemical accidents can and do happen. Hazardous chemicals have the potential to exacerbate accident conditions and cause harm to persons, damage to property, or damage to the environment.

Emergency planning and preparedness are essential to mitigate risk and minimize consequences. We help chemical industry clients identify and mitigate risks in their operations by providing expert advice on risk mitigation alternatives, contingency planning, and emergency response planning. We use scenario-based analyses to evaluate mitigation alternatives that help minimize service disruptions and risk during unplanned events. We also provide expert advice on emergency response planning and preparedness to help minimize release consequences and quickly restore operations.  

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